Archival Video of Hands of the Cause of God (Part 3)

Here is the third video in the series of Golden Memories. This one features the Shrine of the Bab as Ugo Giachery and Adelbert M??hlschlegel walk about the grounds.

Is it just me or does Giachery have a dashing, aristocratic persona? Or maybe I’m just won over by his Italian sartorial sense. Whatever the source of his charisma he is imminently qualified to talk about the construction of the Shrine since he was the person directly involved in the sourcing of the material for both the Shrine and the Archives.

Let’s not leave out Adelbert who is being a very good sport in the video by doing his best to pretend that he is just a hapless tourist who accidentally stumbled into the scene. Hmm, Rose Baveno you say? I had no idea (no, no idea… not like I was at the port when we it arrived… mutter, mutter). What? Nine terraces? Gasp! I had not noticed that before! (the apfelstrudel they promised me for doing this video better come with ice cream).


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