Baha’i Chile Temple Construction Moves Forward

The Chile Baha’i Temple project may have peculiar mathematical challenges when it comes to funding, but the actual building work is moving forward. Finally.

After multiple delays caused by problems with securing a location as well as general project mismanagement which delayed the project by more than 4 years, Baha’is around the world were recently informed by the Universal House of Justice that actual work was beginning.

From the Universal House of Justice to all National Spiritual Assemblies:

Dear Baha’i Friends,

With joy we announce several major developments in connection with the emergence of the Mother Temple of South America. Two weeks ago the contract for the construction of the foundation of the building and all concrete work was awarded to a reputable firm in Chile. Following the completion of the excavation and grading for the foundation and plaza, work has now begun on the basement, service tunnel, main floor and mezzanine structure, incorporating important features for seismic resistance based on extensive computational modelling and analysis. And today, after several months of evaluation and assessment of alternative bids, the contract for the fabrication and erection of the Temple’s complex steel superstructure was signed with a well-known German company.

The skeletal framework will stand thirty metres high and support five hundred tonnes of exterior and interior cladding of translucent cast glass and carved stone. The nine linked sections of the metal structure will be bound together through an intricate anchorage system that will ensure the connections will not detract from the sublime aesthetic effect of the completed design.

May the followers of the Blessed Beauty throughout the world draw inspiration from these recent developments as they exert themselves – sacrificially, generously, unitedly – to contribute to the advancement of the Cause by word and deed.

The Universal House of Justice

Peripheral work on preparing the areas that will develop into the gardens and surrounding grounds were started last year. This included the installation of a 50 cubic foot irrigation water tank along with its pump room and over 600 feet of underground piping.

The contract for the construction of the 50 meter radius foundation was awarded to a Chilean construction firm. The next step after that will be the fabrication and erection of the steel structures engineered by Soheil Mosun on top of ten seismic base isolators that will act to protect the building in case of earthquakes.

Below is a gallery showing some of the recent work undertaken including the installation of a perimeter fence surrounding the temporary onsite construction facilities. You can find the foundation work in the most recent Google Maps images. Zoom into the South East corner of Santiago in the Pe?alol?n commune or type in these GPS co-ordinates: 33°28’35.07″S 70°30’41.86″W.

For more information and to keep up to date with news check out the new Baha’i Chile Temple website