Baha’i Views on Church & State

As you know there are many Baha’is who mistakenly believe that future LSAs or local houses of justice will become the governing bodies replacing current municipal institutions. And so on up the chain to the national level and ultimately to the UHJ which, I guess, they think will run the whole ball of wax.

Anyway, this neat comic strip, I thought encapsulates concisely the answer to these erroneously held beliefs :


cartoon credit:

Dispute not with any one concerning the things of this world and its affairs, for God hath abandoned them to such as have set their affection upon them. Out of the whole world He hath chosen for Himself the hearts of men—hearts which the hosts of revelation and of utterance can subdue. Thus hath it been ordained by the Fingers of Bah??, upon the Tablet of God’s irrevocable decree, by the behest of Him Who is the Supreme Ordainer, the All-Knowing.
- Gleanings From the Writings of Bah??’u’ll??h

And if you’re really interested to getting a complete, thorough treatment of this, then click, don’t run to Sen McGlinn’s book or at his blog.