Chile Temple Takes Shape

Since the previous time I wrote about the Chile temple, another step has been taken towards its ultimate completion. The Canadian firm of Soheil Mosun has finished building and testing a 1/6th scale model of one of the nine petals that will surround the temple.

Apparently they had some glitches to work out over 7 months as the software they were using is normally used for aeronautical testing. The good news is that after “extensive and detailed testing” the model seems to be accurate enough that fabrication on full scale can begin.

It will take approximately two to three years to manufacture the pieces in Canada. Afterwards they will be shipped to Chile for final assembly. This may seem like an odd way to build such a structure but it turned out to be the most cost effective solution among the options considered.

On site construction work is planned to begin in October 2008. All in all, it is safe to estimate atleast 4 years before the temple is completed at an estimated cost of US $27 million.