Baha’is In Shiraz Freed

three candles.pngI just heard the wonderful news that the last remaining three Baha’is have been released.

As you may recall, they were part of a larger group of Baha’is who were arrested in Shiraz earlier in May. They were all being detained without formal charges although the circumstances of the arrests weren’t even clear to the Baha’i News Service.

In any case, Baha’i Rants celebrates the release of fellow Baha’is and prays for the safety of all remaining Baha’is in Iran. Considering the events that have been put into motion, the best way to achieve this is to leave Iran to the kleptocratic Islamic regime and build a happy and productive life elsewhere.

A Remarkable Convention


Here is a video in which Mr. William E. Davis, the Chairman of the NSA of the US discusses the recent US national convention.

Of course, as all good Baha’is you should watch and listen raptly to every word and syllable. But pay close attention to the video at the 1:24 minute mark where Davis mentions:

There’s no community on earth like that, no-one’s even close. We have more to do, we recognise that. But we will get there through encouragement, not judgement. We will get there by seeing the positives, not the negatives. We will get there by motivating people through example and by love, not by condemning or labelling. The friends respond to love.

And also pay particular attention also to the 5:00 minute mark where these remarks are found:

I’ve been asked to make some comments about the convention. They perhaps are self-evident, but I am obedient to the National Spiritual Assembly. This has been a qualitatively unique and different convention. For some of us, who have been coming — in this case, he who speaks — 25 years as a delegate. It’s been a remarkable convention. Some of us will recall conventions where Hands of the Cause, Mr Sears or Mr Khadem may have spoken and raised our hearts and gave us a new vision and got us out of our chairs, and some of us issued forth and went to the four corners of the world.

(Sigh) you know, its speeches like this that warm our hearts at Baha’i Rants and give us the energy needed to complete the full Ruhi course for the 38th time.

But, some cynical person amongst you might say, wait! this is just paying lip service to an ideal, where are the deeds?

For the enlightenment of those jaundiced minds I point out the recent letter of the NSA, which was sent to Kalimat and subsequently to all Baha’is in the US. Yes, the same one where they succinctly outline the NSA’s boycott of that publisher. Why, just read that letter ! It is simply gushing with love. A rainbow of pure love practically jumps out from the page and down your throat – atleast that’s what one especially devoted believer in Iowa reported.

As for the lofty adjectives Davis uses to describe the convention (‘qualitatively unique’, ‘different’, and ‘remarkable’) I assure you that they are all well deserved and most appropriate.

For you see, it was in this same convention that the chairperson quickly but oh, so lovingly, cut off the person who had the temerity to suggest discussion on the Kalimat boycott and he lovingly, oh, so lovingy, made the decisive move to shut down any and all similar attempts to consult on this issue.

So you see, dear cynical reader, this convention was truly ‘unique’ and ‘different’ and yes, even ‘remarkable’ for until the delegates had experienced this convention, they had the mistaken belief that the national convention is a place where Baha’is can consult on matters of national import and deliberate upon them by availing themselves of loving and frank Baha’i consultation.

We truly owe a debt of gratitude to the NSA for finally putting this myth to rest. I say this calls for taking the full Ruhi courses 39 times. Who’s with me?

Let Justice Rain

There is an amazing open letter on from Justice St. Rain regarding Kalimat and the recent action taken against them by the US NSA. If you haven’t already, go read it !

I was not only impressed by the tone of love in the letter, but also by the courage that it took to write it. After all, if the US NSA decides to retaliate against the author of the letter, a livelihood that took more than 15 years to build can be vaporized as fast as an email with the words ‘inimical to the Faith’ can be cc’ed. Justice has also written quite a number of other articles on different subjects. They are all worth a read.

If you have no idea what this is all about, read the Kalimat petition (and if you’re not familiar with this whole situation, read the background material). Then sign it if you agree. It will probably be closed and sent off to the UHJ very soon. So this is your last chance. Also, let others know by informing them of the situation and forwarding the address of the petition to them.

As well, you might want to take a gander at the catalogues of Kalimat and Special Ideas: