Disney Amusement Park Coming to Haifa

Disney World is coming to Haifa, Israel!

Well, sort of.

Walt Disney Company’s investment arm Shamrock Holdings in partnership with the local privately owned firm, New Lineo Cinemas, will build a massive 30,000-square meter Disney amusement park as well as a 25 screen theatre complex and shopping plazas. The project is still in development stages but it is estimated to cost $170 million (600 million shekels) and to be completed by 2013.

The Disney amusement park will be located at a 20 acre empty plot of land adjoining other existing cinemas, but rather far from the Baha’i gardens and shrines (denoted by ‘A’ on the map):

Disney Haifa Location

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The transition of Haifa from an industrial port city with heavy industries, factories and corrosively bad air quality is gaining pace with this project. Haifa is already famous within Israel for its diverse community of people who live in peaceful coexistence. Hopefully, the transformation will continue and the city will come to reflect economic diversity as well with less pollution causing service businesses like this.

One news report had this amusing quote:

If things go as planned, Haifa’s landmark sites such as the Bahai Temple or the Carmelite cable car could soon be replaced by Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and friends.

Perhaps this might be a good time to remind my dear fellow Baha’is that the point of pilgrimage is not and never has been to Haifa or the surrounding areas. So where is it then?

That, I’m happy to tell you, is “a little known fact”.

  • Bird

    Love it… Could be relplaced by Mickey Mouse… Really, sounds like alot of work for some people. Wish they would build something for 170M here in America where som many out of work. Loved re-reading the “little known fact” again. Wow, I’ve been here awhile…. BTW- I think they are accepting my request. Thanks for the scoop. Bird

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  • Montsicilia

    Shamrock Holdings is not an investment arm of the Walt Disney Company , it is an investment arm of Roy Disney, Jr. and his Family. A Disney designed park is not going to happen , Walt Disney Imagineering is not working on this project.

  • Baquia

    Monsicilia, you are correct. Thank you for the correction. Shamrock is a private partnership owned in part by Disney family members as well as other private investors. It appears that this is not an official “Disney” themepark but just a regular entertainment focused real estate development project.