Further Victories… for Incumbency

We just had another round of National Conventions around the world to elect National Spiritual Assemblies (NSA). For the most part it seems to have been another sound victory for incumbency. The nudge nudge, wink wink letter from the House of Justice, was, for the most part, largely ignored as the same people were elected to be members of the NSA.

In the United States, all 9 previous members were re-elected. The only difference being that long time (and yes, we mean loooong time) member and Secretary General Robert C. Henderson is now merely a member. The new Secretary General is Kenneth E. Bowers.

This might seem to be a negligible change. Only time will tell if the new Secretary General will chart a new course for the NSA of the United States and wake the rest of his colleagues from their slumber.

Over to the north of the 49th parallel, there were similar results with 8 of the previous 9 members of the NSA of Canada re-elected. The new member, replacing ex-ITC member Don (Otto) Rogers, is Bourna Noureddin, a doctorate student in electrical engineering.

Bourna is so new that they even spelled his name wrong! (I’m sure it will be corrected)