History of the Babis of Nayriz

Ahang Rabbani has been doing some research into the history of the Babis of Nayriz and shares his findings, among many other papers, on his website.

The central features of the upheavals of Nayr?z are known to those who have read about the millenarian B??b? religious movement of nineteenth-century Qajar Iran. Next to the incident of Zanj??n, where nearly two thousand B??b?s perished, the B??b?s of Nayr?z in 1850 lost more men, women and children in the fiery ordeals that surrounded them than any other B??b? community of that country. Moreover, unlike the other major B??b? incidents, the conflicts in this town were not limited to the one pogrom, but continued to unfold unabated for several more years and in the process took the lives of many hundreds more of the B??b’s followers.

Ahang’s e-book is an attempt to tell the story of the leading figure of that uprising, Vah?d D??r??b?, and to bring a number of historical documents pertaining to these episodes of Nayr?z along with a brief analysis to the attention of English-speaking students of the Faith in hope that it will stimulate further research and study.

The current e-book is an on-going project and as such comments and critical feedback would be appreciated and acknowledged.