Hot Zone: Iran

Next week, Kevin Sites and the team at Hot Zone will be bringing their unique style of gritty, in-your-face journalism to Iran. Be sure to check it out.Getting to the bottom of what is happening in Iran right now is especially important with the current tensions which are intensifying between the EU, the US and the new Iranian regime. As I surmised months ago, there isn’t a whole lot that the world can do to prevent Iran from achieving its goal of full nuclear capability. And that is what they are after, in case it still wasn’t clear to you. Iran wants to control the full cycle (which explains why they rejected the recent Moscow overture to have enrichment done on their behalf in Russia). Needless to say, only by having full control over the complete nuclear process (including the vital uranium enrichment step) can they ever make nuclear weapons. This, along with the most ignored issue (Iran’s massive fossil fuel reserves) makes their repeated assertions of peaceful intentions, rather hollow.

Anyway, lets hope that Kevin Sites is able to break away from his government minders and actually have a frank conversation with Iranians and get the real story.