Iran Steps Up Monitoring of Baha’is

A recent move by the Interior Ministry in Iran to step up monitoring and control of Baha’is has been leaked. You can read about it in this Baha’i World News Service article.

This is an expected move on the part of the new Iranian government. Since Ahmadinejad came to power the Hojjatieh Society has slowly emerged from the shadows to reassert itself and to pursue its old agendas.

With such ratcheting up of both rhetoric and action against the Baha’i population, it is imperative that Baha’is in Iran save themselves and their children’s future by leaving Iran. There is no nobility in endangering one’s life when the option exists to save it. As I’ve already mentioned almost a year ago, the situation in Iran is dire and will intensify. All Baha’is that can, should plan for a life outside of Iran.

When this sorry state of affairs is over – whether that is 10 years, or 50 years away only God knows – they and their children can safely return to Iran. But if they remain there right now there is a high probablity that they will either be killed or merely eke out a meager subsistence in a hostile society that is hellbent on their destruction.

Why live there when there are so many countries that actually accept and abide by the Charter of Human Rights?