Lectures in Baha’i Studies

Did you know that the University of Haifa has been running a series of lectures in Baha’i studies since 2000?

Most of the presenters are the usual suspects: Bushrui, Momen, Kazemzadeh, etc. But there are also a few non-Baha’i and lesser-known theologians.

The range of topics is quite varied, from the tried and true, to the novel and curious. If you have an interest in Baha’is studies check it out. What makes the site worthy of mention is that recently they have archived online not only the skeletal details of the lecture (who, what, when, etc.) but they have an abstract, the presenter’s CV and an audio recording of the lecture.

Unfortunately, the audio quality isn’t that great so you will probably have to turn up your volume and eliminate background noise on your end. And get some snacks, because most of them are quite long (in the vicinity of an hour). The other downside is that some lectures are delivered in Hebrew, so unless you’re fluent in it, it’ll sound like someone with a bad case of phlem is speaking gibberish for an hour.

Anyway, to give you an idea, here’s an example (in English):

“The Attempted Assassination of Nasir al Din Shah in 1852: Millennialism and Violence” by Dr. Moojan Momen

You can find the complete list of previous lectures here.

The next one is scheduled for May 16th, 2006. It is titled “Globalization: A Baha’i Perspective”, by Prof. Bushrui: