New Counsellors Appointed by UHJ

The Universal House of Justice recently announced the new round of continental board of Counsellors. The full list is below.

Borna Noureddin

Of those newly appointed is Borna Noureddin. Noureddin was until this appointment a member of the Canadian National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Canada.

He was elected to the post initially to replace a retiring Don (Otto) Rogers in 2007 and since then he has been re-elected at every consecutive election providing him with a four year heritage at the NSA of Canada. Last year he was also the Chairperson of the NSA of Canada.

It is relatively rare to see a move between the two arms of the Baha’i institutions. A few years ago Counsellor David Smith was relieved of his position as a Counsellor to be first elected to the local assembly of Toronto and then a short time later to the National Spiritual Assembly. Unlike his peers who have spent an average of 9 consecutive years on the body, Smith was a member for just two years.

Of course, as a result of this appointment, there will need be a by-election to replace Noureddin on the NSA of Canada.

Take a look at the names and see if you’re familiar with any of the new or re-appointed Counsellors mentioned. If so drop a comment and let us know of anything relevant. Apparently there will be a conference within a few months in Haifa where the UHJ will consult with them before creating yet another 5 year plan.

Here is the letter from the Universal House of Justice naming the new Continental Board of Counsellors around the world:

  • Mumugmail

    i like this guy

    he has a schuepppss smile


    Allah protect him you and all shiah (ah) and all the sects of islam

    including bahaism babism and shoghism and uhjism

    allau akbar and abha

  • 43660733650

    Very Funny and Hilarious.
    May Lord Almighty grant you 10 grams of cerebrum.

  • Mumugmail

    Are you a bahai?
    I WAS for more than half a century.

  • Baquia

    why aren’t you a Baha’i anymore?

  • Mumugmail

    Thanks for your question Baquia.

    I studied the Quran in Arabic, Persian and different versions in English and in Italian (the version of shameless Bausani).

  • Baquia

    So you studied the Quran and because of that, you are no longer a Baha’i? and by ‘shameless Bausani’ I assume you’re referring to Alessandro Bausani? why do you call him ‘shameless’?

  • Mumu

    Dear Baquia,
    are you going to publish my answer(s)?
    Why are you interested?
    Did you read Quran once from Fatiha to the end?
    Did you red Ibn Ishaq (Ibni hashim)- Sirat?


    Yes. I am no longer bahai because I studied Quran.
    And by Shameless Bausani I mean Alessandro Bausani, italian orientalist.
    He is Shameless because he is washing the ugly face of islam.
    In “His” Quran Oqtalu=KILL becomes strugle,
    a small girl of 6 years old becomes “givanissima” moglie (very young wife-Aisha) and ……
    This person was supposed to know very well Islam, arabic and italian.

    Thanks for reading

  • Baquia

    I was sincerely curious and as you can see, your answers are published above. It is interesting that the Quran set off your dislike of the Baha’i Faith. Had you read the Torah or the Bible cover to cover, I would wager you would have come to a similar conclusion based on your reasoning. There are many things in the past holy books that we would find shocking today, for obvious reasons.

    The Baha’i Faith teaches that revelation is progressive and social teachings are contingent upon their own times.

    With regards to Prof. Bausani, I don’t pretend to know enough about the Quran or Arabic in order to judge him as harshly as you do. Knowing the world of academia and peer review, it is nigh impossible to achieve the station that he did and garner the respect of his peers as he did if he was so utterly ignorant of the basic understanding of Arabic as you imply.

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  • vahidavid

    Followers are leaving because Baha’i in general is seated at the table of immorality. I will not leave, but the immorals…