Reason & Revelation

Read the most exciting and thought provoking new ideas now being discussed by Bah??’?s around the world. Bah??’? scholars and intellectuals discuss the most difficult issues currently facing the Bah??’? community from the perspective of faith and reason. Their investigations demonstrate that a rigorous academic approach can provide fresh insights into faith.

Sen McGlinn explains the relationship between “church and state” in the writings of Bah??’u’ll??h. Udo Schaefer questions the meaning of the infallibility of the Universal House of Justice. Moojan Momen discusses fundamentalism and liberalism in world religions and in a Bah??’? context. Sholeh Quinn writes on the scholarly study of Bah??’? history.

And there is more . . . There are essays on Native American prophets, Bah??’? approach to economic problems, prayer and meditation, and the equality of men and women.

The original thought and new ideas found here are guaranteed to startle and deepen the knowledge of every reader. Don’t miss it!

I would recommend ordering directly from Kalimat Press (you can order over the phone and online) since their products are no longer available from official Baha’i bookstores. Support the only independant Baha’i pulishing house and enrich your mind at the same time. Sounds like a win-win to me.

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