The Infidel

Omid Djalili, the Iranian-born Baha’i comedian and actor stars in the new UK comedy “The Infidel”. In the film Djalili plays a Muslim man who discovers suddenly that he was adopted… from Jewish parents.

Here is the trailer:

They have also started a contest for the “funniest” religion. Here is Omid starting things off with a joke about Palestine:

Let’s hear your funniest joke about religion!

  • peyamb

    Oh this looks good. I can't wait to see it. God, I hope no one puts a fatwah on him. :(

  • Baquia

    I'm looking forward to watching it. From the behind the scenes clips it seems like the actors had a blast making it. A farwah? I think that's highly improbable (fingers crossed).

  • fubar

    he is obviously running for UHJ, if he gets elected, I'm going to redeclare. :)

  • sonjavank

    some might enjoy this interview I did in 1994 before Omid hit the big screen.

  • Hotel_Theotokos

    I was never quite sure if this was a religious joke or a racist joke, and so do sincerely apologize if it turns out I’ve accidentally been slandering for all these years. So here we go:

    A Pastor, a Priest and a Rabbi are meeting in a park, as they regularly did, to discuss matters theological and personal. A passer-by noticed this unusual crew and informed them that he had been trying to decide which religion was right for him, and had settled upon choosing by how each faith approached charity, and if they didn’t mind would they kindly tell him how much of their tithes received went to the less fortunate.

    The Priest said that he took all the tithes, chalked a big circle on the ground, threw the tithes in the air over the circle, and what fell inside the circle went to charity in the name of God.

    The Pastor said that he too chalked a circle and tossed the tithes, and whatever landed outside the circle went to charity in the name of God.

    The Rabbi said that he took his tithes, tossed them Heavenward, and what God wanted, He could take.