UHJ Letter to Baha’is of Iran Naw-Ruz 168 BE

The Universal House of Justice has released a letter they wrote to the Baha’is living in Iran. In the letter they acknowledge the hardships borne by the Baha’i community under the oppressive theocratic regime.

The House of Justice also notes the ongoing changes in the Middle East tying this with the Baha’i concept of the “rolling up” of the Old world order:

The world is in turmoil, and the onrushing tide of change is proceeding with unparalleled force and speed. The age-old order of the world has been disrupted, and the profound transformations that have taken place at all levels of human relationships call for a fundamental reconsideration of every aspect of life. This applies equally to Iranian society. Consider how its people are resolutely striving to establish a progressive society and are ready to bear every manner of pain and calamity in pursuit of this objective.

There is no doubt that every just person is counting the days and hours until the tyrannical regime in Iran crumbles and releases its people from their bondage. It must be noted at the same time that the Iranian people, unlike those in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere, are not taking up the fight for their future with equal fervor. There have been a few sporadic protests but for the most part the political leaders are under arrest, dissidents are tortured and killed, protests broken up and the other 99% of the population is too busy trying to provide for their next meal to really care about anything else.

And even if they were to suddenly take up the fight for freedom with tenacity, the result would only be further tragedy because the brutal and unforgiving government of Iran gives no quarter.

As long as the price of crude in international markets provides the IRI with enough funds to keep the Iranian economy hobbling along, they will be able to continue funding the apparatus that keeps them in power: the Basij, IRGC, VEVAK, etc.

Paradoxically, the same political turmoil that is now providing the alluring hope for real change in the Middle East is the very same force that is propelling crude oil above $100 per barrel. And so providing the Islamic regime with the financial buffer to continue to exist for a few more years.

If you want to know when the regime in Iran will fall, there is no need to continuously scan the Middle East news for protest, changes in their political machinations or any other fundamental variables. The only thing one needs to do is check the current price of crude oil. If it falls below $50 and is sustained there for a time, the Islamic regime will fall precipitously.

The 2008 financial crisis and world recession did sent the oil markets reeling. But they quickly recovered just as Iran is removing significant government subsidies. The increased revenue from crude oil and the decreased expenses from reduced subsidies will provide the IRI with much needed breathing room.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t make for inspiring prose. But it is a logical thesis built on facts.

The letter from the UHJ in full is shown below. The original Persian letter can be found here.

  • Bird

    what’s touching is how the Bahai’s in Iran continue to contribute to the Divine Enterprise… I guess this form of global PR requires the contiuned request to stay and be persecuted, jailed, beaten, murderd… all for those of us around the world to see and be saddened and outraged. Yep… all in the good name of the Divine “Enterprise”…. :c

  • http://twitter.com/VanGrungy Van Grungy

    how does it feel to be the actual stealth jihad?

    if islam is historical revisionism.. and it is.. what does that make the baha’i?


  • http://twitter.com/VanGrungy Van Grungy

    you idiots made islam’s bed in the west…

    live with the persecution… you deserve it..

  • Bird

    Van Grungy there may be much you don’t understand by the BF but we didn’t bring kind of jihad to Amercia but I do believe it is an interesting therory. You want to give thanks to Jihad hitting the American soil you can post on your local state & federal government pages on that one. Innocent people do not deserve persecution. and if you read and then read some more, you’ll find all these wars and jihad is about oil, not religion, control, money & power, not individual spiritual beliefs…

  • Fubar

    ya. considering that US politics is degenerating into a combination of right wing religious lunacy and corrupt corporate overlords, one has to wonder how “dangerous” islamicists are in comparison.

    long before oil was a geopolitical issue, the middle east was a pawn in the great conflicts between european colonial powers simply because of its location as a trade route to spices, tea, silk in the east.

  • Wahid Azal

    Baquia, if the predictions of George Soros and company are anything to go by, and judging by what’s happening in Libya and Syria at the moment, the prospects of a regime change in Iran this year are not as bad as you may think. The question is what kind of regime are we talking about to replace the present one? There are elements in the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) amenable to a military dictatorship sans the Islamic veneer. The intelligence establishment, VEVAK, and the IRGC are presently embroiled in a bitter internal turf war. The outcome of this, which I think the IRGC might actually win, will determine what will happen next. I also think Reza Pahlavi should not be counted out of any equations and a restoration of the monarchy in some form in Iran is not entirely out of the question yet. As the Greens are losing more and more credibility – no thanks to their own lack of spine in taking the regime head on during several golden opportunities that presented themselves in the past two and a half years – the fortunes of the House of Pahlavi are rising again. Pahlavi era nostalgia has been ever rising steadily in Iran for two decades. Now it is on an epidemic rise, to the chagrin of both the Islamists and the putative (albeit spineless) reformist democrats such as the Greens.

    That whole Devolution (not ‘revolution’) – which certain prominent Baha’is in Britain, such as Hasan Balyuzi, had a direct hand in on the ‘manufactured consent’ media side of things with the Persian section of the BBC – was the biggest historical mistake ever, and not just for Iran. The Shah took on the global elite in his attempt to build Iran into a regional military and economic superpower. The Neo-Liberal Anglo-American elite were going after all of Nixon’s friends in the aftermath of Watergate, and so the uppity Shah of Iran, who had become a threat to these so-and-sos, had to go – again, with certain prominent Baha’is helping the endeavor by agitating in the background through the Anglo-American press.

    Individual, average joe Iranian Baha’is have suffered tremendously under this fascist regime, no question. But the Haifan Baha’i establishment will have a lot to answer for one day when the truth about its shadowy involvement to oust the Shah as well as how it has used the rank-and-file Baha’is in Iran as point scoring bargaining chips is more widely known about and appreciated.

  • Bozorg

    Baquia, your comments are insulting. Please tell the murdered youth and those rotting in Evin that they didn’t fight “tenaciously.”

    The Iranian youth who brave the forces of Islamist evil have more courage and mettle in their pinky finger than all-talk-no-action Baha’i cowards.

  • Wahid Azal


    Just underscore the fact that it is the Iranian youth who are doing all of the braving and not the self-appointed “reformist” members of the Green movement who were once intrinsic members of the regime. As for the Haifan Baha’is: all talk no action is the Baha’i sunnah of choice!

  • Wahid Azal

    Liberal democracy in Iran is a pipe dream, at least after the past 32 years, and if attempted will become another Afghanistan or Iraq horror/failure story – although one should be optimistic. What Iran really needs right now to decontaminate it after the past 32 years is a secular nationalist strong-man a la Reza Shah. I see that coming.

    That said, the global elite want this regime in its present form gone. That much is 100% clear now. The politics of oil aside, there are other market factors driving their decision to get rid of the IRI as well. Let’s see what the outcome in Syria will be (Qaddafi is finished, it is just a matter of weeks now) and then we can speculate better on how the scenario will unfold in Iran. But these guys are on the outs, no doubt about it.

  • Baquia

    Bozorg, no insult was intended. Tenacity is relative. That which was evidenced by the people of Egypt, Libya, Yemen, etc. is demonstrably much more intense than that which we’ve seen from Iran.

    That does not denigrate the sacrifice of many in Iran. But there is no question that the majority of the people in Iran have not put the same pressure on their regime as the people of Egypt, Libya, etc.

    Even if they do, however, I don’t think that the regime will buckle. I think Iran, just like China, is incredibly dug in and is not unhappy about slaughtering half the population to rule the remaining half if it comes to that.

  • Baquia

    Wahid, I hope you’re right and I’m wrong. Personally, there is little that I’d like to see more than a liberal democracy in Iran. I’d join you in a jig to celebrate when/if that happens. But honestly, I don’t see enough evidence that that is highly probable right now.

  • Carlo Martello

    popouse and vauge as usual
    Van Grungy i am with you
    All the bahais are shameless: islam is good muslims are bad.

  • Wahid Azal

    Carlo, Baquia is right about what the regime in Iran is capable of. They are quite ready and willing to slaughter more than half of the nation to stay in power. Khomeini himself said something to this effect back during the Iran-Iraq war in the ’80s. That is why the regime should not acquire the bomb because it isn’t so much the case that it would use it against Israel. If this regime had the bomb and had its back pushed against the wall by its own people, it would not hesitate to use it on Iranians. No question.

    That said, don’t expect any real political support from Baha’is of any stripe for genuine causes like this. You are wasting your time. If it benefits them in any superficial PR capacity kind of way, they will provide token help. Anything else, forget it. You want to organize and help agitate against the present Iranian regime, come with me…