Varqa Magazine

For many older Baha´is who grew up in Iran and India, Varqa, the dove (and magazine) brings back happy memories of childhood and Sunday school classes. For the past few years, Mr. Sahba (the now retired architect of the arc projects on Mount Carmel) and a few other Baha´is have worked very hard to bring Varqa back to life after a very long hiatus.

If you have children or know of children who have not heard of Varqa, please let their parents or guardians know. The project really needs your support because they are having a tough time getting to a critical mass.You can view their site here. It only costs $30 (Canadian, US or Euro) to subscribe for one year. With every additional subscription, the non-profit foundation which publishes the magazine has more resources to grow and improve their product . . . eventually bringing about a monthly (currently its bi-monthly) or international editions (currently it is only available in English and Spanish).

So keep this in mind if you are looking for an Ayyamiha gift this year.

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